Is This Your Address?

Is This Your Address?


Materials Needed:

Poster board
Craft sticks
Mailbox template


What to Do:

Send home a note to parents asking them to help their child to memorize his/her address.
Using the template, trace mailboxes onto poster board (one for each child), and cut them out.
Write the name and address of each child on his/her mailbox using the black marker.
Glue a large craft stick to the bottom of each mailbox for a post/handle to hold onto.
Teach the children the song below to help them in memorizing their address:

"My name is: "childs first name, last name" ,
This is where I live:
___________      ___________________________        ___________
(street number)     (street name)                                              (St. Ave. Rd. Dr. Etc...)
_____________      __________
( town/city)      ( state)

Give each child their mailbox to hold and explain to the children when you say their address they should hold up their mailbox.



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