Handprint Fish


Handprint Fish


Materials Needed:
Construction paper (white and orange)
Blue and green paint
Circle sponges/corks

Fish template
Box/box lid (the same size or slightly larger than the paper)


What to Do:
Place paper inside of box with marbles that have been dipped in blue paint.

Demonstrate to children how to  move the box/box lid side to side and back and forth to move the marbles across and around the paper to create a sea background design. Let paint dry.
Paint each child’s hand orange and assist them in stamping their handprint onto the middle part of the paper towards the right with fingers pointing toward the edge of the paper. (See sample picture.)

Paint their hand again and assist them in placing on paper with fingers angled up and to the right, to the left about an inch away from the previous handprint.
Trace fish template onto orange construction paper and cut out. 

Image1 Instruct children to glue fish cut out to the middle of the paper, using one handprint as a tail and the other as a fin.
Using green paint, paint the child’s fingers and instruct them to stamp their hand along the bottom of the paper, all the way across to create sea grass.
Invite children to use a circle sponge or cork to create a circle eye and bubbles above the fish with blue paint.


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