Special Person Day

Special Person Day


Materials Needed:

Calendar (monthly)
Informational letter for parents
Tape recorder and tape


What to Do:

Write an informational letter to the parents explaining what "Special Person Day" is all about. You could start by explaining to them that each child will pick a special day during the year, it could be their birthday or another special day to them. Have the parents help to pick this day with their child and send a note back to school, letting you know their choice.
Ask the parent if they would like to send in a favorite snack for the children to share. They may also send in a special show and tell item with their child such as a favorite toy, a pet, a hobby item, etc..
Have the "Special Person" sit in a decorated chair at the beginning of their special day and give them a "Special Person" crown and badge to wear.
Start the tape recorder and ask the "Special Person" questions like: "What is your name?", " How old are you?" What's your favorite color?", "What's your favorite food?" "What's your favorite thing to do?" "What do you like best about being you?" Send home recording with child at the end of the day.
Take some pictures of the "Special Person" to display in the classroom. Document questions and answers from the tape recording onto the picture display.
Ask the parent if they would like to donate a book to the class library and put a book plate in the book stating that the book was donated by a "Special Person" named _________ and write the child's name.

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