The Ice Cream Song
Ice Cream Song
Materials Needed:
Felt board/magnetic board
Ice Cream song (See below)

Velcro or magnets
Crayons or markers


What to Do:
Print out as many cones as you will need, color and cut out. Attach a magnetic strip or a velcro strip to use with your class board.
Print out song.
Sing song and have children come up when their name is called to remove one ice cream cone at a time and return to their seat.
Sing again until no cones are left. Repeat the process to include every child.
Ask children: “How many ice cream cones were left?” after each cone is removed.


Ice Cream Song:

Down around the corner at the ice cream shoppe,
There were five little ice cream cones with sprinkles on top,
Along came (child’s name) all alone,
Who ate one ice cream and then went home.


* Increase number of cones in song according to the class capability.


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