Turkey Is Me
Turkey Is Me
Materials Needed:
  Construction paper (orange and white)(12x16 inch)
     Paint (brown, yellow, orange, green, red, and blue)
    Print out of poem
What to Do:
    Trim ½ inch off all sides of the white construction paper.
     Paint child’s hand blue and stamp it on the white paper 1/3 of the way up the page with fingers close to the edge.
     Then paint child’s hand red and stamp it slightly over the blue thumb continue in a semi circle with the following colors green, orange and yellow. All with the same hand.
  Paint child’s feet brown and stamp them one at a time between the semicircle of thumbs. Place one foot down at a slight angle towards the middle of the circle with the toes pointed down. Then place the other foot down with toes overlapping angled so that the heels cross.
  Have child dip finger in orange paint and stamp two prints to create a beak.
    Then have them dip one finger in red and stamp once beside the beak to create the wattle.
  Paint child’s finger with black paint on the bottom and white paint on the top and stamp twice above the beak on the brown to create two eyes.
  Print out poem onto white paper, cut out and glue to orange paper, then glue onto white paper above the turkey towards the top of the paper.
    Use orange construction paper to frame white paper with turkey.  

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