A Web of Friends

A Web of Friends


Materials Needed:

A ball of yarn
Lots of compliments


What to Do:

Have the children sit in a circle.
Explain to the children that each child chooses another child in the circle to roll the ball to. Before they roll the ball of yarn they must say something nice to the child they are rolling it to. Remind the first child to hold onto the end piece of the yarn and roll the ball to their classmate without letting go of the end piece. Tell the next child that even though they don't have an end piece, they should hold onto the yarn and roll the ball to another friend; starting once again with a compliment to the person they are rolling it to. Make sure to let children know they can only roll it to a child who isn't holding onto the yarn yet.
When everyone has had a turn you will have a "web of friendship"


* You may want to add to this by having the child who has had the yarn rolled to them, start off by saying their name, before saying their compliment.


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