We Like It, We Dislike It

We Like It, We Dislike It


Materials Needed:

Several different items such as: food items - different kinds of fruits and vegetables, toy animals or pictures of animals, plastic or rubber bugs, color cards, pictures of amusement park rides, things that live in the ocean, etc...
Box or tote (to put the items into)
Large craft sticks


What to Do:

Cut enough large circles from cardstock/posterboard so that each child can have a circle.
Instruct children to create a happy face on one side of the circle and a sad face on the other side.
Glue or tape circle to a large craft stick.
Place all collected items in box or tote.
Hold up one item at a time and invite children to hold up their "feeling faces" to show you whether they like or dislike the item you are  holding up.

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