Hungry Owl

Hungry Owl


Materials Needed:

Poster board
Owl template
Cardboard box
Crayons or markers
Sharp scissors (for adult use only)


What to Do:

Using the template, trace owl onto poster board and cut out.
Using the markers/crayons color the owl.
* Cut the top off the cardboard box.
Glue the owl to the side of the cardboard box.
* Cut out the owl's mouth (making sure to cut through the cardboard).
Make flashcards using magazine cutouts glued to poster board (make them so that they can fit into the owl's mouth).
Decide what category the owl is hungry for (i.e. objects of color, objects beginning with a certain letter, objects that fall into a certain category such as animals, food, toys, people, places, etc.)
If a child tries to feed the owl a card that does not fall into the category chosen then push it back out of the mouth after the child tries to put it in and then have them try again.


* These steps should be done by an adult.


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