Winter Fun


Winter Fun


Materials Needed:
  White paint
    m Construction paper (blue and black)
    Orange paper
   Marshmallows/white buttons/beads 
   Thin pretzel rods/pipe cleaners


What to Do:
    Invite children to use white paint to marble paint on the blue paper by placing the paper in a cardboard box/lid and then dropping marbles dipped in the paint  onto the paper. (Demonstrate to the children how to  move the box/lid back and forth and side to side to create a snowy background for their snowman.)
   Instruct children to:

- Use glue to create three circles the largest at the bottom and progressively getting smaller to create a snowman shape.

- Place marshmallows, white buttons, or beads on the glue circles.

- Glue one pretzel or one small piece of a pipe cleaner on each side of snowman to create arms.
- - --       Use a black marker to make dots for the snowman eyes and buttons on the front middle part of the snowman.
  - Use orange paper to cut a nose for the snowman.
- Use black construction paper to cut out a top hat.

- Glue hat onto the top of the snowman’s head.

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