Ellie the Elephant


Ellie the Elephant


Materials Needed:
Small paper plates
Gray felt
Large wiggly eyes 

Grey crayon



What to Do:
Trace the ear and trunk templates onto the gray felt and cut out.
Instruct children to:

- Color bottom side of the paper plate grey.

- Glue on wiggly eyes.
- Glue ears on back side of plate.
- Cut a small hole in the plate under the eyes centered on the elephant’s face. (Adult may prefer to do this step.)
- Glue trunk over the hole (make sure the trunk is glued only at the very top and placed just above the hole) to create a finger puppet.

Demonstrate to children how to stick your pointer finger through the hole and move it up and down while making an elephant sound to imitate an elephant moving his truck up and down.



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