Jack and the Counting Beanstalk

Jack and the Counting Beanstalk


Materials Needed:
Construction paper (dark and light green, brown, blue, and cream)
Marker (black)


What to Do:
Using template, trace and cut out leaves onto light green paper, beanstalk onto dark green paper, and seeds onto cream paper.
Cut out a two inch strip of brown paper.
Glue the brown paper to the bottom of the blue sheet of construction paper. Glue the beanstalk down with the bottom touching the brown paper.
Glue the seed down below the beanstalk.
Label each branch with dots one through ten in no particular order.
Label each leaf with a number.
Have children glue the leaves on matching the number on the leaf to the dots on the branch.


*For older children you may want to label each branch with a different number word.

**You can also modify this activity by laminating it and using Velcro on the branches and leaves so it becomes a math center activity you can keep for future uses.




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