Pass the Time Away

Pass the Time Away


Materials Needed:

CD player and CD
2 Baskets (for bean bags)
Chart paper/ poster board/construction paper


What to Do:

Have the children sit in a circle.
Ask them to guess how many times they think the beanbag can be passed around the circle in one minute.
Using the marker write down the children's guesses on the chart paper/poster board/construction paper.
After all the guesses are written down, have a child pick up a beanbag from the "starting basket".
Start the music and the timer and have the child begin passing the beanbag around the circle.
After the beanbag has been passed around the circle once, have the last child put it in the "finished" basket and pick up a new beanbag from the "starting" basket and start passing that one around.
Continue doing this until the timer goes off.
When the timer goes off, stop the music and the passing of the beanbag.
Count the beanbags in the "finished" basket, to see how many times the beanbags went around the circle in one minute. Older children may enjoy increasing the time to two minute and a five minute intervals.

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