Hair Color Graphing

Hair Color Graphing


Materials Needed:

Yarn (brown, black, yellow, and orange/red)
Poster/tag board
Index cards (enough so each child can have one)


What to Do:

Using poster/tag board, make a chart by dividing board into 4 sections.
Write the words: Brunette using brown marker at the top of one section, Blonde using yellow marker above another section, Black using a black marker and Red Head using either red or orange in the other two sections.
Give each child an index card with an outline of a head drawn on it.
Ask them to draw in their eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and any other facial features they want.
Cut yarn into small pieces and put same color pieces into four different containers.
Let each child glue pieces of "their" color hair onto the index card head.
Make sure the child's name is on their card.
After glue has dried, have them tape their card in the appropriate section on the chart.
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