Measuring Children with Yarn

Measuring Children with Yarn


Materials Needed:

Enough yarn to measure each child
Index cards (colored ones are nice to use)
Fine tip marker (for writing info on card)


What to Do:

Write each child's name across the top of an index card.
Tape the end of the yarn to the bottom of the wall as close to the floor as you can get it.
Pull free end of yarn up so it is taller than the child who is going to stand against it.
Have child stand straight against the yarn and the wall.
Cut yarn so it is the same height as the child.
Tape the yarn to the far left bottom of his/her index card.
Write date height was measured above the yarn on the index card.
Continue doing this until all children have been measured.
Repeat this every 2-3 months taping the yarn to the right of the previous one.


* Children and parents alike will enjoy seeing how much the child has grown throughout the year.


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