Dads Desk Hoop

Dads Desk Hoop

Materials Needed:

Container (such as disinfectant wipes container – washed out)

 Plastic/paper cup

 Foam sheet
Picture of Child
 Star Stickers/sequins
Ping pong ball

What to Do:

 Make sure container is washed out and then pour sand or rice into container and put the lid back on tightly.
Cut out the bottom of a small plastic cup.
 Using pattern trace the backboard onto fun foam and cut out.
 Glue picture of child to the backboard.
 Glue backboard to the top front side of the container.
  Invite the child to decorate the container and backboard using stickers and sequins.
Stick one side Velcro strip to outside of cup and the other side of Velcro strip to outside of container just below backboard and then Velcro the cup to the container. 

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