Egg and Carton Letter Matching


Egg And Carton Letter Matching

Materials Needed:
Image1 Plastic fillable eggs
Image1 Markers
Image1 Easter Basket
Image1 Easter grass
Image1 Sensory table
Image1 Permanent Marker

What to Do:
Image1 Using the permanent marker write an uppercase letter on the top half of an egg and on the bottom half of the egg write a matching lower case letter. Continue this process until you have labeled all the eggs with letters.
Image1 Break eggs apart.
Image1 Fill sensory table with easter grass.
Image1 Hide egg halves in the grass.
Image1 Invite children to the sensory table to take turns putting together the eggs by matching upper and lower case letters, and then place them in the basket.
* Variation: Eggs can be color coordinated upper and lower case letters or mixed and matched colors for more of a challege depending on the age and ability of the child

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