Autumn Leaves Must Fall

Autumn Leaves Must Fall


Materials Needed:

Fall colored felt pieces
Tag board/cardboard
Rake and leaf template
Large index cards


What to Do:

Draw a tree shape onto the brown felt and cut it out.
Glue the felt tree to a larger piece of felt.
Duplicate template of leaf and cut out. (Make a sturdy and more permanent template by tracing it onto tag board or cardboard first and then continue to next step)
Using template trace leaves onto fall colors of felt and cut out.
Duplicate template of the rake and cut it out.
Trace the rake template onto large index cards.
Write a number (1-10 or 1-20 depending on the skill level of the children) on each of the rakes.
Place all of the leaves on the tree.
Place the index cards, rake side down in a pile.
Invite the children to take turns turning over the top card and taking down the indicated number of leaves from the tree.
Instruct them to place the leaves in a pile in front of them, counting each one out loud as they place them in the pile.
Continue doing this until either all the cards have been turned over or all the leaves are off the tree.

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