Leprechaun Finder


Leprechaun Finder


Materials Needed:  

Image1 Small paper plates (2 per child)  

Image1 Green or gold cellophane wrap  

Image1 Jumbo craft sticks (1 per child)  

Image1 Crayons  

Image1 Stickers, gems, sequins, etc.  

Image1 Tacky glue  

Image1 Gold plastic coins  

Image1 Green cookies, candies, St. Patrick’s Day stickers, etc


What to Do:  

Image1 Cut out the centers from the paper plates.

Image1 Cut out squares of cellophane and glue cellephane to the back of the paper plate.

Image1 To secure in place, sandwich the cellophane with another paper plate and glue together. A glue gun works best for this.  
Image1 Glue on a craft stick as a handle.  

Image1 Provide children with stickers, gems, sequins, crayons, and glue. Invite them to decorate their leprechaun finder.  

Image1 Use Leprechaun Finder with "Search for Leprechauns" activity listed in Social Science.


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