Magical Metamorphosis

Magical Metamorphosis


Materials Needed:

Image1 Tape

Image1 Craft sticks

Image1 Pom-poms

Image1 Pipe cleaners

Image1 Cardboard tubes

Image1 Tissue paper

Image1 Glue

Image1 Wiggle eyes

Image1 Paint

Image1 Poly fiberfill


What to Do:

Image1 Cut paper tubes so they measure approximately six inch in length.

Image1 Instruct children to:

- Decorate the craft stick with pom-poms and wiggle eyes to create a caterpillar.

- Paint cardboard tube with glue so the entire outside surface is covered.

- Cover outside of tube with stretched out pieces poly fiberfill.

- Insert craft stick with caterpillar on it into the cotton covered tube (chrysalis) and tape to secure.

Image1 Hang like a chrysalis.

Image1 The next steps are for the teacher to do secretly. Create wings from tissue paper. When the children go home add wings to their caterpillar and put him back in the chrysalis. Surprise!!

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