My Favorite Healthy Foods

My Favorite Healthy Foods


Materials Needed:

Image1 Construction paper (assorted colors)(12”X18”)

Image1 Markers or crayons

Image1 Paper plates

Image1 Plastic cups

Image1 Napkins

Image1 Plastic forks, knives, and spoons

Image1 Tape

Image1 Glue

Image1 Cotton balls or poly fiberfill

Image1 Magazines

Image1 Scissors

Image1 Index cards


What to Do:

Image1 Invite children to create a placemat using the 12”X18” paper and crayons or markers.

Image1 Provide each child with a paper plate and food magazines.

Image1 Invite child to cut out pictures of healthy foods that they enjoy and glue to plate.

Image1 Instruct children to glue:

         - plate to center of placemat

         - napkin next to left side of plate

         - fork to the napkin

Image1 Tape a knife and spoon to the right of the plate.

Image1 Instruct children to fill a small plastic cup halfway with cotton or fiber fill to resemble milk and then glue the cup on placemat above knife and spoon.

Image1 Record child’s dictation about their healthy food choices on an index card, attach to bottom corner of placemat.

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