Recycled Borders Matching Game


Recycled Borders Matching Game

Materials Needed:  
Image1 Any theme related border  
Image1 Scissors  
Image1 Velcro  
Image1 Manilla folder  
Image1 Tape
Image1 Laminating material

What to Do:  
Image1 Save all theme related borders when taking them off your bulletin boards, parent boards, walls, etc…  
Image1 Recycle them by cutting them out and reusing them for matching games.  
Image1 Tape some of the cut outs from the borders on the inside of a folder and then laminate the folder for durability.
Image1 After laminating the folder apply a piece of Velcro in front of each of the cut outs.
Image1 Find the border cutouts matching the ones that are laminated in the folder and laminated them.
Image1 Apply Velcro to the backs of the matching border pieces.
Image1 Invite the children to take turns playing this matching game.


*You may choose to eliminate the folder and just laminate the cutouts to use as a memory game instead of a matching game.

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