Wild West Duds

Wild West Duds

Materials Needed:  

Image1Information sheet

What to Do:  

Image1Ask children how they think a cowboy dresses. Why does he need a hat, bandana, boots etc?  

Image1Share the following information:


The cowboy’s hat was very important, It was used to keep rain, snow and sun off a cowboy’s head and face. Additionally, they were helpful when fanning fires or signalling to other cowboys.  The trails that the cowboys traveled were very dry and dusty. Therefore most cowboys wore a bandana tied around their necks. They would pull the bandana up over their face and nose to protect them from the wind, dust, and sand.  The cowboy’s vest was useful for keeping the cowboy comfortable in various weather conditions. The vest also provided places to store and carry needed items.  Cowboys boots were important as they protected a cowboys feet from snakes, rocks, sticks, and insects.  A saddle bag was usually carried and filled with snacks such as trail mix or biscuits.

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