3D Recycled Art


3D Recycled Art

Materials Needed:
Image1 Large pieces of cardboard (to glue the recycled materials on)
Image1 Recycled materials (e.g. cardboard rolls, old CD,s/DVD's, clean/empty yogurt/applesauce cups, Styrofoam pieces, fabric scraps, pipe cleaner pieces, paper scraps, yarn pieces, beads, buttons)
Image1 Paint
Image1 Glue

What to Do:
Image1 Supply the art center with large cardboard pieces, recycled materials, paint, and glue.
Image1 Invite the children to come to the art center to create with the materials provided.


*We have a great place locally called the “Scrap Exchange” in Durham NC where you can purchase bags of all kinds of great recycled materials for a very reasonable price. The children really enjoy creating with the recycled products and we are helping our environment in the process!  Check your local areas to see if you have a similar place and if not I believe you can now order from the scrap exchange online.

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