Smelling and Tasting Fresh and Bagged Coconut


Smelling And Tasting Fresh And Bagged Coconut

Materials Needed:
Image1 Coconut (bagged and fresh)
Image1 Bowls (2)
Image1 Spoons (2)
Image1 Paper towels

What to Do:
Image1 Place a scoop of fresh coconut in a bowl and a scoop of bagged coconut in a different bowl.
Image1 Invite the children to pass the bowls around and smell each one.  
Image1 Ask the children, “Do they smell the same or different?”
Image1 Instruct each child to wash their hands and then place a small bit of coconut onto a paper towel or plate for each child and invite them to taste both the fresh and the bagged coconut.
Image1 Ask each child “Which one do you like best?”.

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