Walking Like a Turkey

Walking Like a Turkey


Materials Needed:

Image1 Old shoes

Image1 Hot glue gun and glue

Image1 Cork strips

Image1 Bulletin board paper

Image1 Paper towels

Image1 Paint (brown)

Image1 Pie tins


What to Do:

Image1 Hot glue cork to the bottom of shoes in the shape of turkey feet. (This step should be done by an adult.)

Image1 Coat the bottom of a pie tin with paper towels and then put in some brown paint.

Image1 Roll out a strip of bulletin board paper and tape to the floor.

Image1 Assist children with putting on the shoes and then stepping into the paint. Invite the children to walk across the bulletin board paper. (The shoes can become very slippery so make sure each child participating has an adult to hold onto their hand to prevent them from falling.


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