Bell Bracelet

Bell Bracelet


Materials Needed:

Image1 Sturdy string (such as rawhide)

Image1 Beads  

Image1 Large jingle bells


What to Do:

Image1 Tie a knot approximately 2 inches from one end of a sturdy piece of string measuring approximately one foot long.  

Image1 Instruct children to:

 - String four to five plastic/wooden beads onto string.  

 - String one of the 3 large jingle bells onto the string; add more beads, another bell, more beads, the third bell and then the rest of the beads.  

Image1 Knot end next to last bead.  

Image1 Tie both ends of the string together.  

Image1 Explain to the children how to use this instrument.  Even though it is called a bell bracelet, it isn’t put on the wrist but held by wrapping fingers around the part of the bracelet where the strings are tied together and shaking it.

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