Christmas Tree Hat

Christmas Tree Hat


Materials Needed:

Image1 Paper plates (dinner size)

Image1 Green crayons

Image1 Christmas stickers

Image1 Gems

Image1 Glue

Image1 Hole puncher

Image1 Scissors

Image1 Stapler or tape

Image1 Yarn


What to Do:

Image1 Invite children to color their paper plate green.

Image1 Cut a slit in the plate from the edge to the center and overlap the separated edges to create a cone shape.

Image1 Staple or tape together.

Image1 Punch two holes opposite each other on the bottom edge of the cone.

Image1 Instruct children to decorate their hats with Christmas stickers and gems.

Image1 Tie a piece of yarn through each of the holes to complete their Christmas tree hats.

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