Materials Needed:

Image1 Film canisters with lid  

Image1 Craft sticks 

Image1 Stickers  

Image1 Beans/rice/popcorn kernels

Image1 Glue

Image1 Cutting implement (e.g. scissors, craft utility knife)


What to Do:

Image1 Take tops off film canisters and instruct children to fill canisters ½ to ¾ full with dried beans/rice/popcorn.  

Image1 Cut slits in the center of the film canister covers wide enough to slip a craft stick into (this step should be done by an adult).  

Image1 Glue cover onto film canister.  

Image1 Write child’s name on the craft stick and slide them into the slits in the covers.  

Image1 Invite the children to decorate the film canisters using stickers.


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