Santa Mask

Santa Mask


Materials Needed:

Image1 Cotton balls or poly fiberfill

Image1 Glue

Image1 Paper plates

Image1 Red cardstock

Image1 White poster board/sentence strips

Image1 Stapler or tape


What to Do:

Image1 Cut the center out of paper plates and trace and cut out hat shape onto red cardstock.

Image1 Instruct the children to glue the hat to the paper plate.

Image1 Invite children decorate their Santa mask by adding cotton balls or poly fiberfill to create a beard, trim on the hat, and a pom-pom to the top of his hat.

Image1 After glue has dried, attach a sentence strip or poster board strip using a stapler or tape to one side of the paper plate below Santa’s hat.

Image1 Then measure to fit child’s head and staple or tape to the other side of the plate so each child can wear his or her mask.


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