Campfire Scene

Campfire Scene
Materials Needed:
Image1 Wallpaper scraps
Image1 Construction paper (blue, red, brown, green)
Image1 Glue
Image1 Scissors
Image1 Tissue paper (orange and red)
Image1 Wiggly eyes


What to Do:
Image1 Trace and cut out a rectangle shape about 2X3 inches for the sleeping bag onto wallpaper scraps.
Image1 Trace and cut out tent shape onto red paper.
Image1 Cut scraps of brown to use for the campfire logs and scraps of green to use for the grass.
Image1 Cut jagged shapes from the orange and red tissue paper for the fire.
Image1 Provide the children with a blue sheet of 8 ½ by 11 construction paper.
Image1 Give each child one tent shape, one sleeping bag pattern, and a handful of brown and green construction paper and orange and red tissue paper.
Image1 Invite children to glue their tent and other supplies onto their construction paper to create a campfire scene.



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