King of the Jungle



King of the Jungle


Materials Needed:
Image1 Small paper plates
Image1 Brown yarn
Image1 Crayons (yellow and black)
Image1 Wiggly eyes (2 per project)
Image1 Pom-poms
Image1 Poster board/cardstock
Image1 Sequins
Image1 Glitter
Image1 Glue

Image1 Crown template


What to Do:
Image1 Instruct children to:

- Color paper plate gold/yellow.
- Glue eyes and nose on to paper plate.
- Use a black crayon/marker to draw some whiskers and a mouth onto the plate.
- Cut many pieces of brown yarn two to three inches long (or use precut rug hooking yarn).
- Glue brown pieces of yarn all around plate rim to create a mane for their lion.
- Use the template to trace a crown onto the poster board/cardstock and cut out.
- Glue glitter to front of crown.
- Glue sequins to tips of the crown.
- Glue finished crown onto the top section of the lions head.


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