Lacing Up the Sit-Upons

Lacing Up the Sit-Upons

Materials Needed:

Image1 Clear plastic shower curtains

Image1 Scissors

Image1 Hole puncher

Image1 Poly fiberfill

Image1 Yarn (various colors)

Image1 Stickers

Image1 Markers

Image1 Construction paper


What to Do:

Image1 Cut out 12X12 squares from the plastic. Stack two together and punch holes all the way around. Have children lace their sit-upon ¾ of the way using yarn. Image1 Write their name on a piece of construction paper and slide into the open end of the sit upon, so that the marker will not rub off onto their clothes.

Image1 Then have them stuff their sit-upon with poly fiberfill and then finish lacing.

Image1 Have children decorate their sit-upon using stickers.

Image1 Use sit-upon during story time or for campfire stories.

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