This is my Address (paper plate, finger puppet)

This is my Address (paper plate, finger puppet)


Materials Needed:

Large paper plates
Child sized garden gloves (solid colored skin tones)


What to Do:

Instruct children to draw a picture of their house on a paper plate.
Encourage them to draw a pretty yard with a walkway path coming from the front door.
Cut a slit down the walkway path. (An adult should do this step!)
Using the black marker, write the child's address on the plate.

Cut fingers from gloves.

Using the markers, instruct the child to draw facial features and hair on the top portion of glove finger.
Have child slide their finger into the glove finger and then through the slit in the back of the plate so that it looks like it's walking up and down the path.
Have children recite their address as they walk up and down the path.


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