Ollie the Oval Ostrich



Ollie the Oval Ostrich


Materials Needed:
Image1 Construction paper (orange and yellow)
Image1 Feathers (2 per project)
Image1 Yarn (18 inch piece per project)
Image1 Wiggly eyes (2 per project)
Image1 Glue
Image1 Template


What to Do:
Image1 Using template, trace/copy head, body, and feet onto yellow construction paper and cut out.
Image1 Using template, trace/copy beak onto orange construction paper and cut out
Image1 Cut yarn into three pieces; one piece two inches long and two 8 inches long pieces.
Image1 Instruct children to glue:

- One end of the 2 inch piece of yarn to the back, bottom section of the head, and the other end of the yarn to the back top section of the body.
- One end of each of the 8 inch pieces of yarn to the back bottom section of the body about an inch or so apart from each other. 

- The feet to the other ends of the 8 inch pieces of yarn.
- One feather to each side of the back of the body. 

Image1 After glue on the back side of ostrich has dried, flip over project to front side.
Image1 Instruct children to:

- Fold beak in the middle.
- Glue eyes and beak to head.


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