Pennies for Presents

Pennies for Presents


Materials Needed:
Image1 Small plastic containers (e.g. baby food or leftover containers)
Image1 One large container (e.g. coffee can)
Image1 Wrapping paper
Image1 Scissors
Image1 Glue


What to Do:
Image1 Cut wrapping paper into strips and shapes.
Image1 Provide each child with a clean small plastic container, glue, and wrapping paper. Have children glue the wrapping paper to the container.
Image1 Decorate the large container with wrapping paper to use as a class container to collect all of the coins.
Image1 After glue has dried cut a slit wide enough for coins to slide through in the containers.
Image1 Encourage children to search their homes for loose pennies (with their parents permission) and place them in their containers.

Image1 Instruct the children bring the pennies to school, count them, and then place them into the class container.
Image1 Explain to the children that the pennies will be used to buy a gift for a child in need. When you are finished collecting pennies, the teacher should use the money to buy a gift and bring it back to school to show the class what their pennies were used to buy.  

Image1 Donate the gift to someone in need in your community.




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