Swahili Matching Game

Swahili Matching Game
Materials Needed:
Image1 Sentence strips
Image1 Markers
Image1 Game cards template
Image1 Pronunciations (see below)


What to Do:
Image1 Teach the children the pronounciation and meaning of each word (see words below).
Image1 Make a matching game using the game cards template provided.


Mkeka (em-KAY-kah) - a straw mat
Kikombe cha umoha (kee-KOM-bay chah oo-MOH-jah) - the unity cup
Kinara (kee-NAH-rah) a candleholder for seven candles
Mishumaa saba (mee-shoo-MAH SAH-bah) - the seven candles of Kwanzaa (three green on the right, on black in the middle, and three red on the left)
Zawadi (zah-WAH-dee) - gifts
Muhindi (moo-HEEN-dee) - ears of corn
Mazao (mah-ZAH-o) - fruits and vegetables



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