Family Snowman Project

Family Snowman Project
Materials Needed:
Image1 Paper bags
Image1 Charcoal
Image1 Carrots
Image1 Stones
Image1 Pieces of fabric
Image1 Twigs
Image1 Paper
Image1 Crayons
Image1 Markers


What to Do:
Image1 Provide each child with a paper bag labeled with their name and the words “Snowman Kit”.
Image1 Have children decorate their empty bag. After bag is decorated have children pick out two pieces of charcoal for eyes, one carrot for a nose, five or six stones for a mouth, a piece of fabric for the scarf, and two twigs for the arms. Have them place items in their bags.
Image1 Send home a letter asking the parents to help their child find a hat and then assist them in making a snowman using their hat and “Snowman Kit”.  Ask the parents to take a picture of their child building and standing with their snowman.  Return the photos to school as soon as possible.
Image1 Have children share their photographs with their friends and then display in the classroom.

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