Feed the Chick



Feed the Chick


Materials Needed:
Image1 Small white paper plate
Image1 Small yellow pompom (1)
Image1 Large yellow pompom (1)
Image1 Small wiggly eyes (2)
Image1 Orange construction paper
Image1 Paper clip
Image1 Craft stick
Image1 Magnet
Image1 Popcorn kernels
Image1 Glue


What to Do:
Image1 Glue small pompom onto large pompom.
Image1 Cut out small beak shape from orange construction paper and fold beak in middle.
Image1 Glue eyes and beak to small pompom.
Image1 Glue paper clip to the underside of the big pompom.
Image1 Glue kernels in bunch onto paper plate.
Image1 Glue magnet onto craft stick
Image1 Show children how to rub the craft stick magnet on the bottom of paper plate to make chick move around on the paper plate.


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