Grazing Cow

Grazing Cow


Materials Needed:
Image1 White construction/cardstock paper (8.5” x 11”)
Image1 Wiggly eyes
Image1 Crayons
Image1 Green yarn/Easter grass
Image1 Black pom-poms
Image1 Glue
Image1 Grazing Cow template


What to Do:
Image1 Copy the “Grazing Cow” template onto the white construction/cardstock paper.
Image1 Cut a large black pom-poms in half. 

Image1 Instruct the children to:

- Glue the black “fluff” onto the spots on the cow.
- Cut Easter grass or green yarn into approximately 1½ inch strips and glue to the bottom section of the cow template.
- Glue wiggly eyes onto the cow.

Image1 Invite children to color in nose and teats. Offer suggestions of adding some sunshine, birds, butterflies, etc..


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