Just Me and My Dad

Just Me and My Dad
Materials Needed:
Image1 Construction paper (three or four 9”x12” pieces per book)
Image1 Stickers
Image1 Marker
Image1 Crayons


What to Do:
Image1 Place three or four pieces of construction paper on top of each other and fold in ½ to form a book.
Image1 Write the words “Just Me and My Dad” on cover and instruct child to decorate it.
Image1 On first page of book write with marker, “This is my dad…” and have the children draw a picture of their dad.
Image1 Place a caption on each remaining page in book keeping one side about “dad” and the opposite side about child; i.e. “My dad likes to eat…” on one side and “I like to eat…” on the other side.  Have the children illustrate the pages.

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