Meat Tray Lamb

Meat Tray Lamb


Materials Needed:
Image1 Meat trays (2 per project) (clean, never used for meat)
Image1 Cotton balls
Image1 Construction paper (black and white)
Image1 Wiggly eye (1 per project)
Image1 Glue


What to Do:

Image1 Using template trace head and feet onto black construction paper and cut out.

Image1 Using template trace ear onto white construction paper and cut out.
Image1 Instruct children to:

- Turn a meat tray measuring approximately 8x5 upside down so bottom side of tray is facing up.
- Glue cotton balls so entire surface of tray is covered.
- Glue ear and eye onto head.
- Turn meat tray so cotton ball side is facing down.
- Glue feet to inside bottom rim of tray.
- Glue head (ear and eye side facing down) to right side of rim.
- Take a second meat tray (same size) and cover rim edge with glue.  Flip tray upside down over first tray and glue together.


*You can request donations of clean (never used) meat trays from your local grocer.

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