Sloth Handprint

Sloth Handprint

Materials Needed:

Image1 Scissors

Image1 Brown paint

Image1 Light blue construction paper (12X18)

Image1 Construction paper (green, brown, yellow, and white 9 ½X 11)

Image1 Glue

Image1 Wiggle eyes

Image1 Green yarn or markers


What to Do:

Image1 Provide the child with light blue paper.

Image1 Instruct child to create a tree using the brown and green paper, making sure they have at least one branch coming off the side.

Image1 Paint child’s palm, thumb, index finger and pinky brown.

Image1 Stamp hand onto the branch, having the pinky and thumb touching the branch.

Image1 Decorate sloth with wiggle eye on the thumb, green yarn or marker to resemble moss. (A sloth can be very buggy and mossy.)

Image1 Invite children to add clouds, sun and grass using white and yellow construction paper and green markers or yarn.


Related books: Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said The Sloth By Eric Carle

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