Build A 3D Rainbow

Build A 3D Rainbow


Materials Needed:
Image1 Play dough/clay (white or black)
Image1 Pipe cleaners (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple)


What to Do:
Image1 Starting with orange; cut 1 inch off the end of the pipe cleaner.
Image1 Next cut 2 inches off the end of the yellow.
Image1 Continue in this manner (following ROYGBP), cutting an additional inch off for each descending color.  If done properly, purple will be 5 inches shorter than red when finished.
Image1 Invite the children to use two balls of clay spaced about four inches apart.
Image1 Provide cut pipe cleaners and encourage children to create a rainbow by sticking the ends of the pipe cleaners into the two balls of clay.


*We eliminated the indigo and violet in the ROY G BIV and chose to use purple in place of them.

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