Catch the Same Name Fish

Catch the Same Name Fish


Materials Needed:
Image1 Paper clips (metal not plastic ones)
Image1 Printer paper/cardstock (colored)
Image1 Fish template
Image1 Marker
Image1 Laminating sheets/ clear contact paper
Image1 Magnets (powerful washer shaped rings work well)
Image1 String
Image1 Wooden dowel


What to Do:
Image1 Copy fish template on colored printer paper/cardstock and then cut out.
Image1 Using a marker, write each child’s name on a fish.
Image1 Laminate fish for extra durability.
Image1 Attach a paper clip to each fish.
Image1 Wrap and tie a 2 to 2.5 foot piece of string around wooden dowel end and tape for extra security.
Image1 Wrap the other end of string through the washer shaped magnet or if using a regular magnet, hot glue or tape using double-sided tape.  This will complete your fishing pole.

Image1 Place fish into a container such as your sensory table. 

Image1 Invite children to take turns “fishing” for their names.


* If you would like to make it more interesting you could bring in a small plastic child size pool.

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