Matching Horses

Matching Horses


Materials Needed:
Image1 Cardstock (your choice of colors)
Image1 Clip clothespins
Image1 Markers
Image1 Scissors
Image1 Paint
Image1 Yarn (for mane and tail)
Image1 Horse template


What to Do:
Image1 Trace or print out horse templates onto cardstock and cut out. Laminate for durability.
Image1 Glue on a yarn tail and mane.
Image1 Paint or color (using permanent markers) two clothespins for every horse (making sure to try as closely as you can to match color of clothespins to color of horse.
Image1 Invite children to choose two clothespins that match each horse and clip them on as legs.


For older children you may want to write a different number word on each horse and two matching numerals per horse on the clip clothespins (using the same neutral color on all horses and legs).




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