Catch a Leprechaun

Catch a Leprechaun
Materials Needed:
Image1 Shoe box or other medium-sized box
Image1 Paint and glitter (green and gold)
Image1 Assorted stickers and collage materials
Image1 Dowel rod or pencil


What to Do:
Image1 Invite children to create a leprechaun catcher by decorating the box with shiny colors and other mixed media materials.
Image1 Set the trap by propping up the box with a dowel rod or pencil.
Image1 Place some gold coins in the doorway and under the trap to lure the leprechaun in.
Image1 Arrange for the children to be out of the room (This would be a great time to have them participating in the "Search for the Leprechaun" activity on the playground.) so you can secretively take the gold coins, put leprechaun footprints on the floor, green food coloring in the toilet, and mess the room up a bit… those mischievous leprechauns!
Image1 Place a treat for each child in the trap and trip the trap (knock down the dowel as if a leprechaun has been caught).
Image1 Allow the children to eat the snacks the leprechaun left for them.


*To make leprechaun footprints, make a fist and dip pinky side of fist into paint and then stamp it on the floor. Use pointer finger to add toes.

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