Count the Popcorn

Count the Popcorn
Materials Needed:
Image1 Popcorn boxes (plastic popcorn boxes are available at most dollar stores).
Image1 White or yellow construction paper
Image1 Permanent marker
Image1 Circus stickers


What to Do:
Image1 Cut out puffy popcorn shapes from construction paper and  write  numerals on them (for older children write double digit numerals or  number words) then laminate for durability.
Image1 Fill popcorn boxes with popcorn.
Image1 Have children take turns reaching into the popcorn box and take out a piece of popcorn.
Image1 Have children attempt to read the number to you.
Image1 If the child tells you the correct number, they may hold onto that piece of popcorn. If they are wrong, they need to return it to the box. Then, the next child takes a turn.  Continue  in this manner until there are no more popcorn shapes left in the box.
Image1 Reward children for participating with a circus sticker.


*You could also write numbers using a black permanent marker on foam packing peanuts.


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