Musical Dinosaurs

Musical Dinosaurs


Materials Needed:
Image1 Construction paper (four or five different colors)
Image1 Scissors
Image1 Picture cards of actions (e.g. stompping feet, clapping hands, jumping up and down, and roaring)
Image1 Music


What to Do:
Image1 Draw dinosaur feet onto four or five different colored construction paper sheets. Be sure there are enough for each child to have one to stand on, cut them out and tape them in a circle on the floor.
Image1 Print out pictures of the chosen actions to tape to the footprints.
Image1 Invite children to stomp around them while music is playing
Image1 When the music stops, have children freeze on a footprint and then have them perform the action that is represented on their footprint.
Image1 Start the music back up and repeat.


*Related song: “We Are the Dinosaurs” by Laurie Berkner
*Related Book: “Dinosaur Roar!” by Henrietta Strickland

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