Mr. Munchie

Mr. Munchie


Materials Needed:

Empty tissue box
Construction paper (your choice of colors)
Magazine cut-outs
Lunch box
Alphabet flash cards


What to Do:

Instruct children to cut out many different magazine pictures of individual items.
Glue the pictures to posterboard (backing them makes them sturdier).
Store the pictures in a lunch box.
Cut out pieces of construction paper to cover tissue box.
Use construction paper to make facial features to glue onto the tissue box (opening of tissue box is Mr. Munchie's mouth).
Place one of the alphabet flash cards face up, in front of Mr. Munchie. This is to designate the beginning letter sound of the items Mr. Munchie would like to eat.
Invite the children look through the lunch box and pick out pictures beginning with the designated letter to feed to Mr. Munchie.

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