Mother May I?

Mother, May I?


Materials Needed:
Image1 None


What to Do:
Image1 Pick one child to be the mother.
Image1 The rest of the children participating are the children.
Image1 The "children" all line up side by side and the "mother" stands at the opposite end of the room or playground area facing away from the children.
Image1 Each child will take turns asking the mother, "Mother May I _____?"(asks about a movement they want to make, i.e. take two baby steps or five giant steps,etc.).
Image1 The "mother" can either say "Yes, you may" or "No, you may not, but you may ____". (Mother inserts her own suggestion like jump like a kangaroo four times.)
Image1 The first child to make it close enough to "mother" to tag her wins and becomes the next "mother".




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